13 April 2018

Still Life

No, I'm not going to inflict a "still life" drawing upon you. I may be a law school graduate, but I'm not, you know, evil.

Once Life has achieved stillness, though, there will be renewed activity here. Including, I'm afraid, calling out an entire state's judiciary for abrogation of its fundamental proclaimed duty of "regulating and administering the profession of law." And I say this as the victim who couldn't get even a real inquiry started. My old mentor, colleague, and friend the recently and untimely deceased Ron Rotunda agreed, more quietly than he thought most appropriate but out of a sense that he should perhaps allow the courts and the bar to self-reform.

And, of course, more intellectual property and stuff of concern to creators, more politics, more art, more everything.

But at present, life is a kaleidoscope or kinescope and not still.