10 February 2018

Which Politburo Member Is Absent From the Reviewing Stand, Comrade?

…which is the real question that we must ask if Drumpf gets his large-scale military parade. A year ago, we might have been asking about whether Scaramoucci was off doing the fandango instead of the parade; last week, it might have been which top aide has been thrown under the bus this week (and it will be next week, but predicting which one is not exactly easy).

As a veteran, I magnanimously allow —

Later on, of course, we'll be asking questions about how the official photographs of the event were altered, particularly if Sublieutenant Ogilvy is recognized for his sterling contributions to some purported victory that, in the broader scheme of things, turns out to have been either wholly invented or utterly irrelevant to the battle for control of the Malibar front. Meanwhile, the Two Minutes Hate (of Immigrants) will continue, and we will remain at war with Eastasia (we have always been at war with Eastasia).