25 July 2017

Simulated Feeding Frenzy

Life — and actually following the rules, both in letter and in spirit, on inappropriate publicity concerning pending matters and other live disputes (unlike the other side) — has gotten in the way of blawgging of late. So, too, has the careful gift-wrapping of smoking guns for those who are supposed to deal with them (but usually don't).

But that's not as bad as offering a celebrity-laden feature for Family Home Movie Week and then just simulating it. Once upon a time, that channel and its relatives had some fun items… but for the last couple of years, Lawyer Week hasn't been one of them. Perhaps it's just proof that not all publicity is good, which is something that the unethical, unprofessional, unfit-to-practice disgraces to cartilaginous ichthyoids referred to in the preceding paragraph should have considered first. Perhaps it's just too much fear of sharks among the sharks. (Although it's just the leaders of the profession who've been at the top of the food chain since before the dinosaurs.)