22 July 2016

Es war kein Münchner Bierhalle...?

Yet again, we're stuck with the media obsessing about talent-challenged thin-skinned reliant-on-the-uncredited-skills-of-others narcissists unable to accept that not everything is about them. I'm not sure whether I'm more annoyed by the utterly predictable and seemingly choreographed Nashville v. LA bullshit in popular music, the utterly predictable and seemingly inevitable clash of egos and sour grapes in broadcast propaganda, or the utterly predictable infantile histrionics over which "unsuitable" candidate gets to have access to The Football for the next four years.

Regardless of who "wins" any of these contests, someone is going to need a new communications director. I suggest that these two are leading candidates:

As mere comedians, they have more respect for the facts — and get them wrong a helluva lot less often — than any of the purportedly serious men (and they're almost all men) running political communications for the Establishment today. And do not kid yourselves: All of the candidates with multi-million-dollar media buys and war chests and polling operations are Establishment, however much they try to distinguish themselves with meaningless (and inaccurate) labels that seem non-Establishment.