04 May 2016

May the Fourth Be With You

photographer unknown, linked from Ohio History CentralNo, this is not a Drumpf rally. It might well be, especially after the guy who couldn't live up to being the Morningstar dropped out (good riddance). I really have some empathy for the protective detail for the presumptive nominee, although I also wonder whether the thing on his head has its own detail.

Have a nice day, John Mitchell. You too, whomever might be appointed as Geheimstaatssicherheitsdirigent in the off-key orchestra of any Drumpf administration (presuming one can be found and confirmed): With that kind of leadership and organizational attitude, Sandra Scheuer is going to have some company while just walking to class 120 meters away... among the collateral damage. Y'all can just go right on preserving disorder, whether in Chicago or Ferguson. On the other hand, private handgun ownership was not as prevalent (let alone among those likely to attend political rallies) in 1970 as it is today. So at least in 1970, the direction the shots were going to come from was readily apparent.