20 January 2016

Making America Great? Again?

And so the woman who could see Russia/Moscow from her window (probably a misremembrance of one stop on her five-campus undergraduate meander toward a degree in "communications," when she really could... Moscow, Idaho, that is) is endorsing the Heffalump candidate whose grasp of reality — or absence thereof — most closely approaches her own. I'm shocked — shocked, I say — to find such disingenuousness in American politics. Maybe that transforms Trump into a Palin drone: Makes no sense whatsoever either forward or backward.

I'm equally shocked that she's hauling out the "make America great again" meme. I find it interesting, but entirely unsurprising, that every single individual who has pushed this meme would have been equally entitled to push Rosa Parks out of her seat on the bus. Of course, it might be a bit much expecting either Palin or Trump to spell "melanin" in the first place... two days after celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s ever-shifting-thanks-to-the-need-for-middle-class-friendly-three-day-weekends birthday. Maybe they should go watch Gran Torino so they can claim to have at least some awareness. Awareness that they'd be getting from a guy who spoke to an empty chair at a Heffalump national convention, which is more than they have now. And if you don't find that disturbing, you'll have to do what I plan on doing.

The only political ambition that makes sense