06 December 2015

Breaking the Surface

... with my dorsal fin for a moment. Among minor health annoyances, the virtual shut-down of both the entertainment industry and the legal community for the Turkey Day holiday, two Secret Projects, and certain other major annoyances, there hasn't been a lot of energy left for blawging. Plus, there hasn't been a lot of real news to comment upon that wouldn't damage my keyboard and/or your monitor...

I do have one thing to say to the NRA, and its proclamation that I can have its the-only-purpose-is-killing-people non-hunting-appropriate firearms when I pry them from their cold, dead fingers: "Your proposal is acceptable." Just because some lawyers (and even judges) have indicated an inability to read or consider the well-regulated-militia predicate to the Second Amendment doesn't mean I have to make the same mistake. And the less said about the christianity of an evangelist who vows to arm an entire substandard evangelical university to take out muslims, the better.