06 October 2015

Sausage Bits

Paperwork sucks...

  • Normally — at least in the West — when one hears about economists who are skeptical of free markets, one expects the word "commie"... not concerns about deception and friction at a structural level raised by two recipients of the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel (often inaccurately called the "Nobel Prize in Economics," which is part of the point).
  • Which leads to some intelligent consideration of class issues in higher education from the perspective of evidence-gathering scientists.
  • Now this is my kind of arts protest: God Hates Renoir... whose reputation has been driven for several decades as much by auction-house prices as anything else.
  • Further reflecting the idiocy all too often associated with business affairs in the arts/literary world, yet another agent's ego is leading to uncertain management of her clients' interests after her death. Guys, this is just not that hard: Establishing a corporate (or partnership, or whatever) succession plan is expected behavior even for family bloody farms.
  • Here's yet another example of special-snowflakiness among ardent liarscreationists, who cannot seem to comprehend that others can disagree with them without being evil. Of course, this is all wound up in McCarthyism (both Joe and Kevin).