29 August 2015

"Heck of a Job, Brownie"

Ten years ago today, every resident of New Orleans was given a horrifying example of why the kneejerk "all government is bad" ideology that has been mainstream among the Heffalumps (and a constant consideration among the Jackasses) is not only dumb, but counterproductive. Lesson not learned: Louisiana Heffalumps still spew forth the same doctrine (except, that is, when announcing government contracts that will provide local jobs... and make their campaign donors a pile of cash).

Of course, things were not helped in the aftermath by the nepotism and incompetence of that administration. Had an actual review of appointees for something other than loyalty and ideological purity been anything close to what was occurring, perhaps New Orleans would be better (and more equitably) rebuilt by now. Perhaps... because there have been a lot of other barriers, too.