06 April 2015

No Award

Still in the midst of moving hell for others... my turn before too long.

  • So, the Hugo ballot was announced over the weekend. I commented last year, and nothing much has changed (which is rather ironic for the literature of change). Same song, second verse; twice as loud, twice as worse.

    Well, I will say one additional thing, about the particular faction that has been most visible. It's not about "conservative thought" at all — that's merely a convenient rallying cry, a post hoc rationalization. This is, instead, about an attempt to change who is recognized as one of the "kewl kids," with all the subtle dynamics of elementary school recess, using certain overt thematic memes as a proxy. But then, I'm a Social Justice Warrior (literally — unlike virtually all of the militaristic yapping curs, I actually served in the military, and in a leadership role, and for more than a single "enlistment"), so my opinion obviously doesn't matter to those, umm, entitled few.

    Perhaps, on the internet, nobody knows if you're a dog. At award time, though, it appears that everyone knows if you're a yapping cur.

  • This item has some equal-treatment-of-women cooties, though: Thoughts by women about whether (and how) one should become a full-time writer from my more-than-mere-acquaintances Mary Robinette Kowal and Kristine Rusch.
  • Or you could just watch Orphan Black (which has exposed another award system — the Emmys — for the inside-baseball idiocy that it is).
  • And meanwhile, across the Pond, the European courts are steadily demonstrating that American hegemony in copyright is a fleeting thing indeed. I wonder what the yapping curs (one of whom is now based in Europe) think of this? Or maybe not...