24 August 2014

The Health Department Recommends You Avoid This Platter of Internet Sausages

... because it was prepared by a "chef" who spent the last week sick.

  • And getting a little bit shaken up. That was an interesting 10-15 seconds in the middle of the night, but the Shark Nest is about 60km from the epicenter of that tremor. That was also considerably less annoying than the second Saturday night power outage in a week several hours previously.
  • The local monopolist BigBookBoxStore chain continues to get more disturbingly unconscious about its racism. The counts yesterday:

    Hillsdale StoreNew Teen RomanceNew Teen Science Fiction & Fantasy
    Titles in Endcaps5987
    Humans Depicted on Covers6384
    Noncaucasian Humans Depicted on Covers01
    Book-Inferred Noncaucasian Demographic0%1%
    San Mateo County Actual Demographic (2013 Census Estimates)36.7%
    Not acceptable.
  • What utter moron at the NFL Network approved a campaign song associated with an utterly spoiled 1% brat (video) as being appropriate for "mere" popular fandom? If you don't remember it, here's the original (video).