14 April 2013

Only My Dorsal Fin Above Water

I've been very busy preparing for an event next Saturday, ranging from paperwork to other stuff to cabinetry (really). There have been several important legal developments regarding publishing, but what they mean individually — and together — is going to depend a great deal on the e-book antitrust trial against Apple coming up shortly. In particular, there's been a lot of stuff happening in Europe that is giong to have some significant effects on the US publishing industry.

And, naturally, there's a lot I'd like to say that I can't. For example, I can't really comment on the Night Shade situation; I extricated my clients from Night Shade a couple of years back, but some nonpublic information that has come to me in the current fiasco is making me gnash my teeth. (That's a lot of teeth for a shark.) I suppose you can read between the lines on this one, but ultimately there's no way for the authors to win (or even come close to breaking even) under these circumstances.

That's all for the moment — perhaps more later in the week.