12 January 2011

Reality Is Just a Crutch

... for those who can't handle politics. Not much else for today, due to Life and the flu and such. But...

I suppose it's time for a quiz. Which of these three ridiculous speeches demonstrates the least historical ignorance and disjuncture from reality:

  • The former part-time Governor of Alaska's claim that attacks on extreme rhetoric from what she claims is the left (and in America, probably passes for it... but is really more centrist than anything else) are intended to repress dissent and are nothing more than "blood libel" against the Mad Tea Party
  • Future Senator Blutarski tries to motivate the disspirited troops
  • Chancellor Adenoid Hynkel inspires the Ptomanian public

Bluto is a more-inspiring leader for a more-worthwhile cause... and at least he tried to refer to history. Chancellor Hynkel's speech is just too much for someone who actually speaks the underlying language (although it might be that I misunderstood the former part-time governor because I'm not sufficiently fluent in Pseudoruralignoramish, even after years of living in Oklahoma, Suffolk, and East Central Redneckistan).