17 December 2010

Distracted Link Sausages

Still finals week... therefore, still distracted...

  • On the effectiveness (or not) of Mystery Security Theater 3000, as implemented by your friendly neighborhood sexual molester TSA. There are so many exceptions to the system that it doesn't even make sense under the rubric of "something must be done; this is something; therefore, this must be done."
  • Paul Krugman on another triumph for ideology over facts: The "government is always bad" meme and the banking crisis. Apparently, the Republican party never learned anything about the tulip bulb bubble... or about corporatism (which, being French in origin, should have been suspicious).
  • Did Jonathan Swift write this notice of impending layoffs at an internet giant? Enquiring minds want to know... and they also want to know whether the actual author had ever read Book IV of Gulliver's Travels.
  • More on the non-result in Costco that, although not directly discussing the issue, implies that territorial rights are illusory.