27 June 2010

World Cup 2010, Match Day 17

Not much to say today — due to remora duty, I only got to see the second half of Germany's crushing of England (although I did see the replay, and Lampard's goal should have been given... and would have completely changed the way the game progressed) and the first half hour of Argentina's mauling of Mexico (and yeah, the first goal was clearly offside). Really not a good day for referees and assistants, from what I did see...

Which leads back into my long-held belief that if FIFA wants to avoid officials screwing things up, it needs to both provide them with available technical support (such as, say, a goal-line camera or sensor, similar to what professional tennis has been using for line calls for over a decade) and upgrade them by plowing some of that money that FIFA is making on the world cup into developing officials. The referee runs more than do any of the players... and gets paid less than their personal assistants. Not only does that invite corruption, but it drives many potential referees away from the game, especially since they know they won't get the help they need. The one-referee system was established in the nineteenth century, guys. Even the restricted basketball court has gone from two to three referees!