22 June 2010

World Cup 2010, Match Day 12

Groups A and B completed round-robin play today.

Group A:

Uruguay 7 +3
Mexico 4 +1
South Africa 4 –1
France 1 –2

after Uruguay 1:0 Mexico and France 1:2 South Africa. I switched back and forth between the two matches without watching either one in full, so no grades. France got more than they deserved: a goal. South Africa looked good, both before and after Gourcuff was rightly ejected, but ran out of steam and ideas early in the second half and never looked like pulling back two more goals, even before France pulled one back out of the blue. Conversely, the other match was just boring, but for the goal itself; neither side took many chances at all, knowing that a draw (or low-scoring win) would be sufficient to see both sides through to the knockout phase.

Group B:

Argentina 9 +6
Republic of [South] Korea 4 –1
Greece 3 –3
Nigeria 1 –2

after Argentina 2:0 Greece and Nigeria 2:2 South Korea. I mostly watched the Argentina match in the first half, thanks to glitches with ESPN3 with the English and German feeds in the other match, but not consistently enough to grade anything fairly. The Argentina match never looked like anything except an Argentinian win; the other was more entertaining, but also highly mistake-prone.

So that leaves us with the following octofinal matches:

Uruguay : South Korea (26 June)

Argentina ; Mexico (27 June)

Tomorrow, I'll be watching the US:Algeria match all the way through. Fortunately, they've assigned a very good referee.