06 June 2010

Sour Home Redneckistan

Well, well, well. Maybe overt and covert racism isn't just for Arizona politicians. Maybe it's for radio stations here in East Central Redneckistan, too.

While "shopping" at the Illini Union Bookstore this afternoon, I heard one of the local radio stations on in the background. "Here at 92-5 The Chief, we'll meet all your music needs in Central Illinois." It's bad enough that 92.5FM used to be the Elvis-worshipping oldies station around here; a change to a classic rock format isn't all bad, but:

  • The bloody morons at the station had to choose The Chief as their racist mascot...
  • And immediately following the station ID break, they segued into this little racist anthem objecting to anyone who objects to racism as being "culturally insensitive" themselves.

    Some people — including a couple of bandmembers — have claimed that you should look at the last line of the song to see their real intentions. Sorry, guys: That's the "I was just joking" excuse, and it's not consistent with the rest of the piece... or with the band's public behavior during that period... or, for that matter, with "Southern pride" as a meme, especially omitting the words "white" and "protestant". And I say that having been screamed at as a "f*cking christkiller" when politely asking about local Passover services in the state capital of Alabama.

My afternoon is bloody complete after that. The idiots should at least learn to listen to the context they're creating for their broadcasts.