07 March 2010

The Enemy

Sorry about the unscheduled hiatus — Life intervened. A more-frequent/regular posting schedule will resume tomorrow.

In the meantime, though, I leave you with this thought:

Chuck Lorre Productions must be destroyed.

While under the weather and otherwise tied up, including some time sitting in waiting rooms, I was forced to watch two of the worst examples of antiintellectualism I've seen come out of H'wood in the last decade: the awful, hateful Big Bang Theory and the even more wretched Two and a Half Men. I'm really getting tired of the whole "math is scary" meme (such as that recent Mike Rowe/Ford commercial in which he runs away with his tail between his legs at a school when people are studying math), which when coupled with the "smart people are uniquely socially inept" meme really pisses me off. It's pretty obvious that Mr Lorre has never spent any time hanging around in the kind of bars that two of his main characters frequent and/or depend upon for their livelihood; if he had, he'd have a much larger pallet of the socially inept to draw upon. Hell, all he had to do was go upstairs on the CBS lot... and the executives there are a lot dumber — and more socially inept — than the typical Midwestern farmer or construction worker. It probably won't come as much of a surprise that Lorre himself dropped out of college before he probably took much in the way of serious math or research (nonlecture) science.

Couple that with bad acting, racial stereotyping, and even worse scripts, and I really don't need that. If I want my intelligence insulted, I'll just go check Turdblossom's memoir out from the library on Tuesday. Having this bullshit forced down my throat in a doctor's waiting room is way, way too much. At least I've so far managed to avoid Seinfeld. And Friends.