01 January 2010

Mathematically Challenged

John Darkow, Columbia (MO) Daily Tribune, 31 Dec 2009 (resized)This is really a losing argument: The decade isn't over yet. I don't begin counting with "zero" (except, of course, my checking account...); hell, I don't really like counting from the inaccurately calculated birthdate of a mythological figure, whether starting with zero or one. Maybe it's just that I don't have a problem with reading from right to left. It's one of those arguments that isn't really worth winning, either.

In any event, I don't do annual review entries, or anything like that; the closest I come is the Turkey Awards, but — as ridiculous as reality tends to be — that's hardly a complete review. The only new resolution I have has to do with resolving to get the dishes done before dinner tonight; it's also the only one I could keep that doesn't involve sarcasm.