15 July 2009

Road Sausages

I'm out on Planet California for a couple more days here, helping a colleague out on an appellate matter later in the week. Thus, this sausage collection is somewhat more organic1 than usual.

  • It is definitely another planet out here: Breakfast places don't open until 7am, and the major-chain pharmacy nearest to the hotel in LA didn't have the local paper (the much-maligned LAT) yet, because it was too early... for a morning paper. The hotel was very, very quiet, and very, very overpriced.

    But I did get a double-double animal style.

  • Meanwhile, on the trip in the car up from LA, we discussed many things; cabbages and kings were not among them, but we did for a fair quantity of steamed clams afterward.
  • I'm going to have to keep all sharp objects out of my colleague's reach before the oral argument tomorrow, given opposing counsel's proclivity for misrepresenting the record, the law, and reality. (I'm a little calmer; I wasn't the one who tried the case below... where, if the record and its various off-the-record sidebars mean anything, it was worse. Besides, I prefer garrottes.) It should prove interesting.

  1. Or not, being embedded in silicon, aluminum, copper, and a variety of other definitely inorganic ingredients.

    On the other hand, "organic" has always struck me as an awfully silly label for "human food" of any kind: It's all organic, as I'm not in the habit of eating either rocks or ore.