24 February 2009

Tearing Apart the Sausage Grinder

I'm mostly working under the hood on the blawg today, doing some long-overdue maintenance on the static panel and simplifying some style designations. Nothing to see here, citizens — move along. Well, maybe there is something to see:

Non Sequitur, 24 February 2009

First up, a little amusement from the land of right-wing ideology. And creationism. And, for that matter, ideology and fundamentalism in general...

Dave Granlund, 24 Feb 2009   Now we'll transition to political cartoons, which often — via both cognitive dissonance and combining an image with words — have more that is valuable to say than do syndicated columnists (or editorial boards, broadcast and radio commentators, etc.). That is, some allegiance to art pays off, you dopes. And, as the subject of this cartoon indicates all too aptly, sometimes "art" does not... but that's part of the risk of engaging in public debate: Everyone makes mistakes, misstatements, and eventually looks stupid on something or other. If you don't, you're simply not trying hard enough, or caring enough about what you're doing to ever do it well.

Randy Bish, 24 Feb 2009   On the other hand, this can also end up as a self-fulfilling prophecy.