02 October 2008

Lyin' Like Dogs

During a momentary break in the football game (still 0:0 near the end of the first half), I flipped for a moment to the Veep Debates. And I saw these two morons screw up an easy question at my alma mater. Gee, guys, just how stupid does one need to be to answer a very straightforward question about whether Israel should adopt "the [so-called] two nations solution"? The pitbull wearing lipstick hemmed, and hawed, and threw out lots of grand-sounding ideology without any facts, and glanced repeatedly down at her notes, and ultimately answered the question with an unnuanced "yes" (which is about the most ignorant possible way to answer the question, because there are at least four distinct, mutually destructive "two nations solutions" to the Palestinian issue). The pitbull without lipstick began his response with (possibly slightly paraphrased) "During my time in the Senate, there has been no greater friend of Israel than Joe Biden" — which has the dual problems of being both untrue and bad rhetoric that makes him sound like some overpaid athlete who went to college to mark time before going pro (which is disturbingly appropriate, since they're holding the debates in the athletic complex).

At which point, I went back to the game and began this blawg entry, but not without noting that both candidates' body language during their answers indicated probable deception. Imagine that: A politician lying on national TV.