21 June 2008

Saturday Amusement

While waiting for the Supreme Court to misread the Second Amendment in Heller — and, no matter which way the Court jumps, it will involve an untenable reading — I glanced through a not-quite-local paper and found some amusement. I just had to share a couple of items.

Chicago river alligator   First, it's not just New York City sewers that (supposedly) have alligators. Chicago does, too (anyone who doesn't think of the Chicago River as a sewer hasn't seen it...). And isn't he kyooot?

Second, Martha Stewart has been refused a visa to visit the UK, supposedly on account of her criminal conviction. I'd ordinarily infer that it's actually because the visa-granting official has some taste, and was repulsed by the idea of Martha Stewart bringing her faux country look and cooking to that green and pleasant land... but then I remembered that they actually like brussels sprouts, so it can't be due to good taste.