05 June 2008

Rebel Yell

I'm moderately pleased that the first round of this electoral dogfight is over. Now... the main event!

Well, not quite. We still need to learn the undercard: The candidates for Vice President. I'm against having Ms Clinton as Vice President for several reasons.

  • She's a moderate by nature, except on healthcare and so-called "women's issues." I want a liberal, dammit!
  • Although she didn't grow up there, she has adopted a slave state as her home state. I'd really, really like to see a ballot on which neither party nominated a resident of a slave state for the highest office in the land (or standing next to it, anyway). It hasn't happened in my lifetime; I think it would be a nice change from the "solid bloody South."
  • Frankly, her personality is better suited for Secretary of Health and Human Services anyway. If there's one thing that this campaign has demonstrated, it is that Ms Clinton is not a skilled, considering, yet decisive decisionmaker.

I suspect, though, that even if Obama keeps the slave states off the Jackass ticket, McCain will invite one on to the Heffalump ticket. McCain needs to mobilize the "base" — which is disproportionately in slave states — to have a real chance to win in November (as opposed to counting on Obama et al. losing, which I'm sure could be managed). Counting on one's opponent to screw up is not, in the long run, a winning strategy.