12 April 2008

Unscheduled Phlegmatism

...with phlegm, naturally. My annual respiratory infection arrived a couple of weeks early this year (thus the recent quiet, as on the Internet no one can hear you cough). So, just a couple of weird items:

  • In the local library parking lot today, I witnessed a guy parking his suburban assault vehicle in a compact-car-only spot. I muttered "What part of 'compact car' did you not understand?" He yelled back that it was a "subcompact SUV." Yeah, if it was a subcompact, why was it so hard to fit into that space? And what was it doing with a truck license plate?
  • Then a trip to the grocery store. Two questions arose from the same display in the meat case:
    • If the organic "Smart Chickens" are so smart, why did they get caught?
    • Why are the organic "Smart Chickens" separated from the regular chickens? That's not consistent with the current educational philosophy of "mainstreaming." (It's IEP time of year again.)