12 March 2008

Kissinger May Have Been Right

... that "power is the ultimate aphrodisiac." That, however, is no excuse for forgetting some pretty damned basic biology: Gonads don't contain any nerve endings that have any processing power, so thinking with them is not a very good idea. Maybe the lack of scientists in politics is inhibiting this simple meme?

Of course, the gonads will probably disagree. But that's a rather circular reference... sort of like a politician getting elected on one kind of morality, but then resigning under pressure when he/she neglects another kind of morality. Maybe we'd be better off if we stopped pretending that politicians are moral role models; then, maybe we'd be better off if we stopped pretending athletes are moral role models, and remember that Hoop Dreams is an unduly optimistic look at things.

Maybe we could just realize that politicians are people, too. Or so I'm told.