17 January 2008

Theocracy Now! Recap

Yet again, the Heffalumps have shown their willingness to cater to religious bigotry. According to a transcript (consistent with carefully listening to Huckabee's own broadcast statement), Huckabee said:

But I believe it's a lot easier to change the Constitution than it would be to change the word of the living God. And that's what we need to do — to amend the Constitution so it's in God's standards rather than try to change God's standards so it lines up with some contemporary view.

You can find both the quotation in question and a video of the speech in question at The Raw Story.

Before we get into anything else, you religious bigot, let me get one thing clarified: What, exactly, is "the word of the living god"? (I won't even get into questions of whether that might conceivably refer to something outside the Judeo-Christian tradition.) How about those of us whose ancestry indicates that the record of the word is in Hebrew only, and stops somewhere around 70 BCE? Does that "word of the living god" include the Pseudopygrapha, or not? How about the Apocrypha? And are we talking about that "word of the living god" that includes Jesus accepting Mary Magdalene's conversion as genuine, or his imprecation that the religious authorities should not cast stones at a woman accused of adultery (not convicted of, nor any evidence offered concerning; just accused of) unless they had committed no sins themselves? Or, perhaps most to the point, the Jesus who told his followers to respect secular authority by (depending upon one's translation) giving Caesar his taxes, implying that his sole argument was with the religious authorities?

Or, perhaps, you religious bigot, you should try actually reading Revelations, although you're not going to like the obvious corollary: That even if you do amend the Constitution, it can benefit at most 144,000 Americans... presuming that, contrary to most scholarship, that doesn't mean that the 144,000 are Jews.

The thing that scares me about Huckabee is not that he might win the Presidency; I think he has just torpedoed that. I'm scared of the backlash from Theocracy Now! advocates when he doesn't. The irony that his most probable opponent would be Obama — who is either a mere child of immigrants or, potentially, one of the "three-fifths of all other persons" who previously benefitted from amending the Constitution — and that Huckabee comes from a slave state sheds some interesting light on what "state's rights" really means to the modern Heffalump apparatus. Maybe he should just admit that he's running on a "Solid South" platform and name David Duke as his running mate right now. That would be a little bit more honest, although on the evidence of the current Administration's conduct that's not one of the values required by following "the word of the living god."