02 December 2007


So, the BCS is messed up, eh? (Who cares? I'm a proud graduate of a Division III school as an undergraduate; my sophomore year, the non-wussy football team — the one that actually used our feet on the ball — started ten National Merit Scholars and finished third nationally.) I think we can look forward to Ohio State (booooooo!) playing — by a very, very narrow margin influenced by tactical voting — LSU, or perhaps Georgia, for the so-called "national championship of the Bowl Subdivision." And the winner is going to have just as much of a mandate as national champion as did W after the 2000 election.

Does it really matter who wins that game, though?

  • SEC fans are still going to claim that SEC football is the best in the country. Since there isn't an equivalent of March Madness, we'll never know; I just know that academically, the SEC is clearly not the best Football Bowl Subdivision conference (which is one of the Big Ten, Pac Ten, or ACC, depending on exactly how one measures, and none of those three comes even close to the Ivy League or University Athletic Association). So, then, are we talking about colleges as educational institutions... or something else?
  • My idea of an ideal football season is Notre Dame finishing 0-11, Oklahoma finishing 0-11, and Alabama and Auburn finishing 0-10-1 when the Iron Bowl is called off at 4-4 after neither team can score during the first twenty-three overtimes. For some reason, I don't think I'm ever going to see an ideal season... but the schadenfreude at Notre Dame's record, and the disappointment of Alabama and Auburn fans at their collective 14-10 record, has some satisfaction.
  • I propose the following tie-breaker in the future for the BCS: Rolling average graduation-in-five-years rate of the special teams starters for the last two regular-season games.

I may enjoy the individual games, but I despise the system of which they are a part.

P.S. Neither Buckeye nor Tiger/Bulldog fans should take my prediction of who will end up in the "national championship game" as approval of their respective teams or university athletic programs. (Especially not Ohio State.) But the only undeated team isn't going to end up in that game...