18 July 2007

Spot the Shark

You'll have an opportunity to play Spot the Shark at the North American Science Fiction Convention the first weekend in August. (Hint: A suit or blazer is a good way to keep one's dorsal fin from scaring off victims young women people in need of a good laugh.) I'll be there from Thursday afternoon through early Sunday afternoon. My scheduled feeding frenzies appearances will look something like this:

  • F 0900 discussion of the writers' contest
  • F 2300 "We're Only Here for the Beer" (all too true at that hour)
  • Sa 0900 SFWA Business Meeting
  • Sa 1200 Kaffeklatsch
  • Sa 1300 "Writer Beware!"
  • Su 1100 "Blunders by Beginning Writers that Keep You from Getting Published"

All of which gives me plenty of other opportunities for mischief.