09 July 2007


I've been trying to grow chiles in the garden. You have no idea how hard it is to find ripe (that is, red/orange) hot chiles around here! Thus, I'm growing two different varieties: A hybrid cayenne, which is going very nicely, and a serrano, which... is not. The serrano did quite nicely for about four weeks after I put it out in the garden, but suddenly started wilting. It nonetheless put out five or six pitiful little chiles and continued to wilt.

Until last Friday, when it perked up a little bit, and put out a couple more chiles. The plant itself continues to look pitiful, but slightly better than dead, and the chiles are continuing to grow. Meanwhile, the cayenne hybrid (three feet away) is throwing off oodles of ripening, hot, somewhat underflavored little chiles.

I think the serrano is a zombie plant. My younger son thinks that if we sneak out into the garden at night, we'll hear it saying "seeeeeeeds" and trying to eat the chiles from the hybrid (and the nearby tomatoes). I think maybe letting him see Shaun of the Dead may have been a mistake. Or maybe not.