17 July 2007

Deja Vu

Back to the future time, kids; the following headlines bring back (very, very bad) memories of the reign of George II (1989–1993).

The Times (London)

Britain picks a fight it cannot win (16 Jul 2007)

Russia vows to retaliate as diplomats are expelled over Litvinenko murder (17 Jul 2007)

Kremlin holds off immediate expulsions in Litvinenko affair (17 Jul 2007)

Moscow Times

Britain Expels 4 Diplomats Over Lugovoi (17 Jul 2007)

First Blacklist of Literature is Released (17 Jul 2007)

No Lawyers, No Problem (17 Jul 2007)

Chicago Sun-Times

Officials report massacre in Diyala; car bomb explodes near Iranian Embassy in Baghdad (17 Jul 2007)

New York Times

Russia Promises "Precisely Target[ed]" Response to Diplomats' Ouster (17 Jul 2007)

U.N. Inspectors Confirm Shutdown of North Korean Reactor (17 Jul 2007)

Report Cites Continued Qaeda Threat (17 Jul 2007)

Washington Post

Dow Jones, Murdoch Reach a Deal (17 Jul 2007)

Bush Persists On Placement Of European Missile Defense (17 Jul 2007)

Britain to Expel 4 Russians Over Poisoning Case (17 Jul 2007)

And this is the result of "winning" the so-called Cold War. I'd rather not think about what "losing" might have looked like.