27 August 2006

Award News

The World Science Fiction Convention (running through the end of "today"—ordinarily, about 0400 tomorrow—in Los Angeles) has announced various award winners. Congratulations to all of the nominees, more congratulations to the winners, and still more congratulations to my clients among the nominees and winners. In the order ordinarily listed:

The Hugo Awards are speculative fiction's equivalent of cinema's Academy Awards; this set concerns works first published in calendar year 2005. They are nominated and voted upon by members of the World Science Fiction Convention. Unfortunately, voting is far from universal, and all too often driven by fan politics (just as are the Oscars). That doesn't make them meaningless—winning a Hugo is a big deal—but neither are the Hugos an infallible guide to the best of speculative fiction from the preceding calendar year.

One can find some truly deserving absences from the nominees. For example, a certain egotistical producer's final bit of trash in his series didn't make the final ballot… unlike each preceding entry in the series. Although it's hard to tell for certain, it appears to have been knocked off the ballot by a claymation dog. Similarly, I'm only too pleased to note the absence of certain other egos from the ballot. How ironic that this is probably the least-ego-drenched Hugo ballot of the century thus far… and it took place in Los Angeles, the only city in this nation with egos to rival those inside the Beltway.