04 July 2006

Declaring Victory

I am not a big fan of the Fourth of July as a national holiday. This nation is not built on a declaration in Philadelphia that was not even presented to the object of its ire for several weeks thereafter. It is built upon a constitutional vision. Admittedly, that constitutional vision continues to evolve; but most of our other event-based holidays are based upon endpoints, not initial declarations. For example, Veteran's Day (originally Armistice Day) is based upon when World War I ended, not upon the date of the Zimmermann Telegram, or of any other event marking US entry to that conflict.

Perhaps I'm just a curmudgeon. Perhaps I have a hidden agenda to make the "October holiday" (currently Columbus Day) somewhat more meaningful than a date of truly questionable historical significance? and accuracy. Perhaps my disappointment at the vegetarian escaping before I could barbecue him is showing. Whatever.

In any event, here's a vote for Constitution Day instead of the Fourth of July. After all, I seriously doubt that we'll ever be celebrating George III's declaration "Mission accomplished!"—for any reason, even embarassment.