19 June 2006


Context matters. Just ask Charles Isherwood, a theater critic at the NYT.

Equal ingenuity was shown by the folks behind the feeble comedy Jewtopia, which I dismissed as so much tasteless matzoh ball soup when it opened in the fall of 2004. In a best-and-worst-of-the-season article that followed, I singled the show out for more opprobrium, calling it "schlocky but apparently unstoppable." But read the fine print in the ABC advertisements in The New York Times and you'll find, on occasion, the following: "Unstoppable" — Charles Isherwood, New York Times.

(typography corrected) Of course, lawyers would never quote anything out of context. (I didn't even need the <SARCASM> </SARCASM> tags for that, did I?)

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The last couple of weeks have been exceptionally busy. Thus, a small picture gallery "borrowed" from elsewhere is going to have to substitute for actual content. Eventually, I'll get around to other comments—and to reposting a couple of items that I wrote up and just managed to munge up while posting.

Real footballers need no helmets
Brian McBride demonstrated that only wimps wear helmets. He was back on the field three minutes after taking an elbow in the face… with three stitches. And he finished the game.

Iron Chef Ice Cream
Although this looks like a flavor one might find on Iron Chef, it might come in handy otherwise.

Use Big Words
A new motto for a new century