22 January 2006


A few peeves, just because I'm grumpy today:
  • People who stand in front of their shopping carts at the checkout, even after emptying them. That prevents anyone behind them from fully unloading their carts if full.
  • ATM machines loaded only with $20 bills.
  • Drivers who won't take a right turn on red, even with no cross-traffic at all… and then jackrabbit into the intersection the moment the light turns green.
  • SUVs parked in "compact car only" spots.
  • SUVs in general.
  • Glass lids for everyday-quality saucepans, which were obviously designed by people who have no experience teaching teenagers to cook (or, for that matter, do the dishes!).
  • Pharmacies for which the nearest legal parking is 100 meters away, in a parking garage charging rates more similar to downtown Chicago than downtown Urbana.