12 September 2005

Monday Morning Miscellany

Nothing really profound—or at least verbose—at the moment.

As yet another example of why state licensing of attorneys is both stupid and counterproductive, consider what Katrina evacuees are going through if they made it to Georgia. This is protectionism, pure and simple (it's not just because of the Napoleonic Code in Louisiana; neither Mississippi nor Alabama uses the Napoleonic Code). The irony that the Georgia Bar sees a need to reenact Smoot-Hawley while proclaiming "professionalism" as its excuse makes me doubt its professionalism.

Perhaps the Perfesser is onto something… but not exactly what he thought. He now believes that "Bush is on the verge of becoming to conservatism and the GOP what Jimmy Carter was to the Democrats." There might be something to this: Both defeated a sitting Vice President who had been involved in impeachment proceedings; both were manipulated by senior counsellors of dubious integrity; both relied on personal friendship as the ultimate arbiter of reliability, regardless of competence (or ethics; on the one hand, Bert Lance, and on the other, Ken Lay); and, perhaps most importantly, both were reputed to be in the ideological core of their respective parties with little claim to consistently being so. Carter was no liberal, and his advisors (e.g., Griffin Bell) certainly weren't—instead, they were there for the power. Draw your own conclusions on George III…