28 June 2005

Grokster (2.2) on Internet Radio

Internet radio is one of the cool and legal uses of audio-compression technology. We'll just sort of evade the irony of listening to a radio panel interview on Grokster as an MP3 file, won't we? In any event, for your listening pleasure—or pain, I suppose, if you're into that sort of thing—you can hear an hour-long program on Grokster at IT Conversations, hosted by Ernest Miller (of The Importance of Being) and including the lovely and talented Denise Howell (of Bag & Baggage) and the humble (snort!) C.E. Petit (of this fine blawg) as panelists. In some ways, this is a bit of a followup to our show last fall on the Ninth Circuit's decision. Unfortunately, this time around Professor Wu and the people from EFF were not available, so it's only half the panelists for twice the legal skullduggery.