29 October 2004

Brave, Brave Sir Robin

<HUMOR> If only he had known what he was getting into… Lord Justice (Sir Robin) Jacob stepped into the age-old war of "what, exactly, is a nerd, and is that a good thing?" Unfortunately, as the IPKat noted, the definition he chose raised some hackles. Frankly, this is a confrontation I've been running away from for thirty years, particularly as I was one of those who carried a slide rule to physics. The real problem is that what Lord Jacob (and his critic Lord Pill) describe was known to us nerds as a "geek." Nerds liked to know things to know them; geeks liked to know things in a futile effort to impress girls. Hey, this was the mid-seventies; girls weren't allowed to play with our computers, primarily because we didn't think they could hold a soldering iron steady enough to build one. I'd say something like "nerds rule!" but I might then be mistaken for Lester in some fashion…

Frankly, I think this is one dispute from which everyone would best have been advised to run away. </HUMOR>