21 October 2004

Another Deceptive Practice

Something that I expect to see authors and others who have customized domain names in the .com (and possibly .net) TLDs subjected to has just hit my fax in-box. An organization calling itself "D0main Regis+ry Suppor+", with an address on the Avenue of the Americas in NYC, has just sent me a fax with a one-day response time (note: even if this wasn't a blatant attempt to get me to give them money, the statute says I have at least 72 hours to make a decision) implying that my domain is in danger of being registered in the .us TLD. Of course, the carefully worded notice, which is formatted to look official and has lots of cites to various statutes and administrative provisions (a couple of them are even accurate!), never actually comes out and says "somebody is actually trying to do this registration, and we're giving you a courtesy opportunity to oppose." It does give a toll-free number with a preestablished account number for a company with which I've never done business.

Hey Mr. Spiiiiiiitzer!