15 September 2004

Papering Over Our Defects

I have nothing but disgust for the current "they were baaaaaaaad during Vietnam" bullshit that has taken over the news coverage of the Presidential election. I am old enough to remember—ok, a bit vaguely, as it would be several years before I was eligible to vote, but I do remember it—the "Canuck letter." Maybe the SBVfT and CBS need to consult Donald Segretti… who did, in fact, get his California law license back. At least he didn't get caught until after the election.

It appears to me that one of the funniest, and yet most chilling, lines from a law-based movie (and an unusually good one) is the best aphorism for both messes: "Perhaps they tried to frame a guilty man!"

Although I marginally favor Kerry if forced to choose between the losers put up by the major parties, it's largely because I think his judicial appointments will be less bad than will Bush's, and that he can't possibly appoint a worse Chief of Staff, Attorney General, or Secretary of Defense. Well, I suppose it's possible, but I find it difficult to imagine. Kerry's policy preferences are more nuanced, but they're not nuanced enough, and they stand exactly zero chance of getting anywhere in Congress (regardless of who controls the majorities).

But that's not good enough. Thus, I proudly proclaim:

Cthulhu for President: Don't Settle for the Lesser Evil

If I can't find a way to laugh at this circus, I'll be forced to move to Pluto. And it's too damned cold there.