26 August 2004

Hide the Women and Children!

You can see my awful mug (right next to by far the most attractive of the panelists!) at ITConversations.com on the page for the Grokster panel. Then, if you're really brave, you can stream or download the panel discussion itself in a variety of formats. It's not short—for example, the MP3 is 12.1mb—but it should be amusing. I haven't listened to it yet; there will probably be that awful "ohmigodisthatmy/hisvoice?" reaction. Hey, it's a voice that's worked for me all these years.

In any event, it was a fruitful, cordial discussion that I think will help people—and lawyers—understand a bit more about Grokster (both what it is and what it isn't), and possibly where we go from here. Thanks to Ernest and Doug for the invitation to participate, and to the other panelists for a fascinating half-hour.