18 July 2004

No Boob on My TV

Gee, what a surprise. Writers are self-censoring themselves for the upcoming TV season—yeah, I know, with the dominance of "reality TV" writers are a dying/dead breed anyway—because the FCC is hiding the ball.

Meanwhile, nearly everyone is wondering just how to spot the elusive line they're not supposed to cross. "The problem is the F.C.C. is trying to enforce a standard that doesn't exist," says Jeff Filgo, executive producer for That 70's Show. "It's almost like they're saying: 'What's indecency? That's for us to know and for you to find out.' You don't know if you've done anything wrong until you get letters." Damon Lindelof, a former co-producer of Crossing Jordan and a creator and executive producer of the new series Lost, is equally perplexed. While "you can't say 'goddamn it' on network TV," he says, some expletives are fine: "You can't say 'Jesus Christ' as an exclamation, but you can refer to him as someone who made wine out of water. Where is the line? I wish I knew."

Scott Robson, "You Can't Do That on Television!" New York Times (18 Jul 04) (typography corrected). I guess the FCC knows it when it sees it. Except, of course, if it involves blood and gore; as I've complained here recently, sex seems inherently more indecent than violent death. <SARCASM> I can tell you which one I enjoy more… but since this is a "family publication," I probably shouldn't. </SARCASM> But, if you really want to hear about boobs on TV, I heartily commend some good old-fashioned folky with from John McCutcheon (MP3 [artist authorized], 2.9Mb)