27 July 2004

Minor Annoyances

Things that might appear on Andy Rooney's segment—or, at least, would not be out of place.
  • People who stand in front of their carts in the checkout line, right up level with the cashier, so that nobody else can unload onto the belt. Then write checks for purchases of under $10.
  • Funeral processions that insist on going through construction areas that squeeze traffic down to require a flagger, especially when there's a perfectly good alternate route on roads that are in better condition.
  • Ambulance drivers who don't turn on their lights/sirens until they're waiting at the difficult left turn to deliver routine patient transports to the hospital, and then expect traffic to stop for them… especially when they thereby block others from turning left at that intersection (which, by the way, is crowded only because the hospital insists on expanding beyond all reason).
  • Pharmacies that provide no super-short-term parking for pickup of called-in refill prescriptions, especially if they're the only pharmacies that honor the HMO. And are owned by that HMO, which is a major player in the area.
  • Stores that accept check/debit cards, but not checks, when there is no real distinction between the two (except that the check/debit card clears faster so the store gets its money before everyone else).
  • Gas prices that go up whenever there's news that causes the crude price to climb, but never go down when there's news that causes the crude price to drop.