02 March 2004

Mostly just maintenance today. I've updated the blawg template, and I've got Warped Weft about 90% debugged. Unfortunately, I can't make it work in Lynx or Opera, so something is clearly wrong with the code.

On a more serious note, I'm now officially suffering library withdrawal. The Urbana Free Library, which is consistently ranked among the top 1% of non-university libraries in the nation, is in the midst of a major building upgrade. For the month of March, the stacks will be inaccessible while they're being moved from the preexisting part of the building to the expansion. Once that's done, the library will fully "reopen" in the expansion so the preexisting part can be remodelled. That doesn't mean I can't get anything from the library; but it does mean that thousands of my close personal friends are locked away from me, and I must specifically call their parents and ask that they come out and play.

Some kids are gym rats. I was, and remain, a library rat—the operative word being rat, of course.