01 January 2004

And Another One Gone…

Another publisher down the drain. No tears shed this time, though; it's a vanity press.

Yes, I know that Creative Arts Books of Berkeley has a long "history," and claims to have done only "cooperative" publishing. However, "cooperative" publishing is just a fancy way to say "slightly less expensive vanity publishing"; and despite the company's continued trumpeting of some of the relatively prominent authors it has published in the past, including Aldous Huxley (N.B. I've read it; it wasn't ready for publication), in the last few years it has become essentially a vanity press.

And now it has filed for bankruptcy. Given just how many naïve and downright ignorant writers there are, it must be hard to go bankrupt as a vanity press.

Can you hear the world's tiniest violin playing over here at Scrivener's Error? Probably not—I won't even give a vanity press that tried to deceive authors as to the nature of what they were getting involved in that much schadenfreude credit. You'll just have to wait until Ten Percent of Nothing comes out in May to see why (note: that link won't work for a while yet; you'll need to go to the Southern Illinois University Press to see what I'm talking about.)