09 December 2003

An M and an E

There may be no "I" in "team." But there are an "m" and an "e":

Democracy is a team sport, and I want to do everything I can to convince anyone who is interested in my judgment about who among these candidates has the best chance to win and the best chance to lead our country in the right direction. I want to do everything I can to convince you to get behind Howard Dean.

Jodi Wilgoren & Adam Nagourney, "Citing 'Best Chance,' Gore Endorses Dean in '04 Race," New York Times (Dec. 9, 2003) (quoting Al Gore). If Democracy is a "team sport," Al, team members admittedly past their prime need to get the f*** out of the way and stop throwing around their "insider influence"—thereby acting exactly like the insiders in George III's government whose actions and very being are both explicitly and implicitly criticized by Dr. Dean's candidacy. Or is your Washington-bred ego still too large to accept that, whatever the "actual" results of the 2000 election were, the rule of law held that you lost (even though I disagree with Bush v. Gore, it is a very close question due to the procedural posture of the matter)?

This is an excellent example of why, despite the fact that I'm a "liberal" in the European tradition (and therefore a "loony leftist" under American perceptions), I am emphatically not a member of either major political party. Or even any minor political party. The ugliness and intellectual dishonesty of party politics can nowhere be better demonstrated than in a "Christian Democrat"'s (European definitions again) endorsement of a true moderate as that party's candidate for President. I think I'll vote for Screaming Lord Sutch as a write-in. Again.