21 December 2003

The Grinch Was a Great Guy

…at least until his heart grew three sizes. For those of us in solo practice, particularly in fields in which our clients can only discuss matters after they get home from their day jobs (on average, even a well-known writer's earnings solely from writing are around or below the poverty line; thus, the day job), there aren't any real holidays. Statutes of limitations continue to run; interest continues to accrue; and disdain for cheap ornaments remains undiminished.

Bah, humbug.

In any event, off to do what's left of my Christmas shopping. At an independent bookstore, of course. More acerbic comments will just have to wait until this evening or tomorrow morning. At least the Supreme Court is in recess until after the New Year, so there won't be more opinions from there to consider. Which means I'll have time to finish up that ethics complaint as my other Christmas present—a present for the profession and hopefully the public at large.