26 October 2003

A news item on lying scum. (I can say that because there's a court judgment that says so. Nyaah nyaah nyaah.)

The odious Matthew Hale won't become a lawyer any time soon—most probably because he's sitting in jail for trying to get a subordinate to murder a judge who rules against him in a trademark dispute over his former "church," the "World Church of the Creator." That "church" would have given the Sonderkommando element of the Schutzstaffel some serious competition for "most militant bigots in the history of the planet."

As a result of trial misconduct—Judge Lefkow is pretty fair, and has a pretty thick (but not bullet-proof) skin — Hale and his "church" were just ordered to pay $200,000 in sanctions for "repeatedly thumbing their noses at a court order". He probably got off light from this one; his criminal trial for soliciting the murder of a federal official starts on 03 November.