17 September 2003

Liberal media? What liberal media? Apparently, the BBC is too liberal for darling Rupert and his cronies.

   Just in case you hadn't figured it out yet, I despise Rupert Murdoch. I was living in England when he bough The Times, and watched that newspaper descend in about a year to the point that I had an impulse to turn immediately to Page Three—and would not have been excessively surprised to find what one finds on Page Three in The Sun. That has nothing to do with politics, either; the increased sloppiness in fact-checking, in writing, and even to some extent in production coincided almost exactly with NewsCorp's regime. It got to the point that some of the more conservative faculty in Politics stopped reading The Times. As you can well imagine, it wasn't due to a sudden liberal bias in the paper!

   All of which just continues to show how important dissent really is in a state that aspires to anything resembling democracy.